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118: How To Be A Confident, Compelling, And Captivating Speaker- W/ Victoria Lioznyansky

Episode Summary

If you are looking to become a more Confident, Compelling, and Captivating speaker for your business, this is the episode for you.

Episode Notes

If you are in business right now, you know the opportunity that's in front of you when it comes to video.

This avenue of content is what's most engaging, authentic, and can build the deepest connection with your audience. 

However, it can also be the most terrifying. The fears, doubts, and worries that came with doing a video on social media or getting on stage can be overwhelming.

This is why Victoria Lioznyansky, is here to help!

What you will learn:

- The 3 Steps to feeling confident 

- How to overcome fears of judgment 

- How to prepare for a presentation or video

But who is Victoria?

Victoria Lioznyansky teaches introverted entrepreneurs and business professionals how to overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident, compelling, captivating speakers. Taking her own experiences going from scared to sought-after speaker, Victoria founded Brilliant Speakers Academy®, an online public speaking coaching program for introverts. 

You can grab her free course here to start speaking with confidence in less than 5 days:

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